In the innovative LiveDijk Utrecht project knowledge and experience are likewise being gained of the application of sensors in managerial practice. This innovation could help water management authorities to save a lot of money. Higher water board the Stichtse Rijnlanden and the Directorate General for Transport, Public Works and Water Management are therefore pleased to carry out this test together with Stichting FloodControl IJkdijk, STOWA and the Province of Utrecht. In its supervisory capacity the Province of Utrecht uses this knowledge in the shaping of integral water management and water safety. TNO and AGT International, both participants in Stichting FloodControl IJkdijk, are conducting the project management. Other FloodControl IJkdijk partners are taking part as well. All of the parties have broad experience of data processing and visualisation originating from sensors. The project is being jointly funded by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Higher Water Board the Stichtse Rijnlanden, the Province of Utrecht, STOWA and the participating companies.

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